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 Half Day Package

This package includes 4 hours of assistance from our expert craftsman, Dan, who guarantees exceptional workmanship and your complete satisfaction with every project.

Full Day Package

This package offers 8 hours of dedicated service from Dan, whose skilled craftsmanship and commitment to quality ensure meticulous task handling and your complete satisfaction.

DIY Inital Consultation

Get Fast Solutions provides initial consultations for DIY home renovation projects, assessing project scope, feasibility, and strategy. Their consultants evaluate plans, pinpoint obstacles, suggest solutions, and advise on materials, techniques, and budgeting.

  • Writer's pictureCaprice Ayau

"Shocking Truth! Electrical Issues Can Spark Disaster—Let's Fix It!"

Picture this, Dan, our fearless handyman, embarking on a mission to tame the wild beast known as electrical issues. Armed with his trusty toolkit and a can-do attitude, he enters a client's home, ready to tackle whatever sparks may fly—literally!

As he delves deeper into the labyrinth of wires and switches, Dan encounters a sight that would make even the bravest homeowner quiver, a tangled mess of cords resembling a spaghetti monster's worst nightmare. But fear not, for Dan is undeterred!

With a wink and a nod, he sets to work, untangling wires like a seasoned detective solving a mystery. With each twist of the screwdriver and flick of the switch, he brings order to the chaos, banishing sparks and ensuring that disaster is nothing more than a distant memory.

And just like that, another electrical conundrum is conquered, thanks to Dan's quick thinking and lightning-fast skills. So if you're facing a shocking situation of your own, don't hesitate to reach out to Dan at

Your home's safety is just a click away!

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