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 Half Day Package

This package includes 4 hours of assistance from our expert craftsman, Dan, who guarantees exceptional workmanship and your complete satisfaction with every project.

Full Day Package

This package offers 8 hours of dedicated service from Dan, whose skilled craftsmanship and commitment to quality ensure meticulous task handling and your complete satisfaction.

DIY Inital Consultation

Get Fast Solutions provides initial consultations for DIY home renovation projects, assessing project scope, feasibility, and strategy. Their consultants evaluate plans, pinpoint obstacles, suggest solutions, and advise on materials, techniques, and budgeting.

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"Are Upflush Toilets the Solution for Your Unconventional Bathroom?"

Hello, fellow homeowners! This is Dan, your friendly guide into the intriguing universe of home improvements. Today, we're exploring a unique and brilliant innovation in the world of sanitation – the upflush toilet. Prepare to unravel the mystery of this ingenious device and discover why it might just be the perfect addition to your home!

What's an Upflush Toilet, Anyway?

Alright, imagine transforming your basement—a previously dark and damp corner—into a sleek new bathroom. However, the challenge arises: there's no plumbing in place. Fear not, for the upflush toilet comes to the rescue! This innovative solution differs from traditional toilets, which depend on gravity to flush waste. Instead, upflush toilets efficiently pump waste upwards, seamlessly integrating with your existing plumbing system.

How Does It Work?

Now, you might be wondering, "But Dan, how does a toilet pump manage to move waste upwards without creating a mess?" Have no fear, my friend, for the secret lies in its ingenious macerator and pump system. Picture a powerful grinder, similar to a garbage disposal unit, that transforms waste into a fine slurry. This slurry is then efficiently pumped upwards through a narrow pipe, leading directly into the main sewage line. And just like that, waste vanishes as if by magic, leaving your bathroom spotlessly clean.

Why Should You Consider Installing One?

Now, let's delve into the reasons why switching from a traditional toilet to an upflush model could be a game-changer for you. Firstly, upflush toilets provide unmatched versatility in installing bathrooms in unconventional areas. Whether you're turning a closet into a charming powder room or converting your attic into a welcoming guest suite, upflush toilets facilitate these transformations without the expensive and disruptive plumbing overhauls typically required.

But that's not all! Upflush toilets feature a more compact design than conventional toilets, making them perfect for tight spaces where every inch matters. Furthermore, their installation process is slightly easier than that of gravity-fed toilets, ultimately saving you time, money, and hassle.

Ready to elevate your bathroom experience to unprecedented levels?

Schedule an appointment with me, Dan, your professional handyman. Whether you require an upflush toilet installation or any other expert handy work in your home, I'm here to help. Together, let's turn your home improvement visions into reality, one flush at a time! To learn more about pricing click the schedule now button below.

Until next time, keep calm and flush on!

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