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Full list of services and in-depth descriptions 

Every homeowner has a list of home repair, maintenance and improvement projects that need to get done -- both interior and exterior. But with today's busy lifestyles, who has the time or patience to do it all yourself? Let Dan help your home run more smoothly with a wide range of repair, improvement and remodeling services.

Handyman Service 

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Bathroom Repair & Refresh

Kitchen Repair & Refresh


Living Room

Dining Room


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Deck & Patio








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Doors & Windows

Furniture Assembly

Drywall Repair

New carpet or hardwood floors



Home Repair & Upkeep

Painting & Staining




Projects For Pets

Power Washing

Preventative Maintenance

Tile Install

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Commercial Renovation Services

Still not sure what you're looking for? Call us and get your questions answered.

Try our pre-built service packages are put together with you in mind!

Our goal is to make it easy to choose packages that make sense for your home and your needs.

Each pre-built package is designed to provide you with:

  • Defined services or tasks to be performed.

  • Estimated amount of time a package will take.

  • Any products that may be needed to complete the service.

  • Benefits and reasons to choose the package to repair or upgrade your home.

  • Check out all of our pre-built packages and contact us today. You and your home will be glad you did!

  • Take your pick on a prebuilt package or build your own.

  • As a homeowner, can you think of a time when you didn't have a to-do list? Probably not.

  • That's because there is always work to be done around the house! So, why not get the job done right.

  • Trained and multi-skilled craftsman

  • Quality workmanship & satisfaction guaranteed

  • Easy & Convenient Scheduling, saving you time!

  • On my Way Text Notifications 

  • Pre-built pages

Modern Home Exterior

Introducing our Half-Day Package

Tailored for both new homeowners embarking on their journey and those who have cherished their homes for years. We understand the ever-growing list of tasks that require attention, and we're here to make it effortless for you. Experience the convenience of 4 hours of top-notch professional handyman services, dedicated to bringing your home to its fullest potential.


Within this package, you will receive four (4) hours of assistance from our skilled and versatile craftsman. Rest assured, Dan is committed to delivering nothing short of exceptional workmanship, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with every project undertaken.


Our craftsman is not only trained but also possess a wide range of skills, guaranteeing that he is well-equipped to handle various tasks efficiently. From repairs to installations, renovations to enhancements, Dan will tackle each assignment with precision and expertise.


Experience the transformative power of our Half-Day Package, where complexity is met with skillful execution, and your home is elevated to new heights. Unleash the true potential of your living space and entrust your tasks with Dan, knowing that he is dedicated to turning your visions into reality.

Introducing Full-Day Package

Designed to bring significant transformations to your home through small yet impactful changes. Dan understands that even the slightest upgrades can enhance the value of your living space and make it a more delightful haven. With a full eight (8) hours of professional handyman services, and Dan there to efficiently address your to-do list or tackle that long-awaited home upgrade, all within a single day!


Within this comprehensive package, you will benefit from a full eight (8) hours of dedicated assistance from Dan’s  skilled and versatile craftsmanship. His commitment to quality workmanship ensures that every task is handled with meticulous care, guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction.


Dan offers diverse skill set, enabling him to tackle a wide range of projects with expertise. From minor repairs to extensive renovations, Dan is a professional, that will diligently work through each task, ensuring that every detail is attended to with precision and efficiency.


Discover the immense impact that our Full-Day Package can bring to your home. By entrusting your projects with capable hands, you can enjoy the convenience of a complete transformation in a single day. Embrace the joy of a refreshed living space and let Dan bring your home improvement dreams to life.

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Consulting Your DIY Project

Home renovation and improvement projects can be overwhelming for most homeowners, especially those who  lack experience in construction work. For this reason, many people turn to professional contractors and  consultants to help them complete their projects successfully. However, some homeowners may prefer to take on  the challenge of DIY home improvement projects themselves, but still require assistance from a consulting  construction business to ensure they complete their project to the highest standard. With Get Fast Solutions our  consulting construction business can offer value to DIY-ers, from start to finish of their home projects.


Initial Consultation

The first step in any home renovation or improvement project is to determine the scope of work needed and the  feasibility of the project. Get Fast Solutions consulting offers a valuable initial consultation to DIY-ers to help  determine the right course of action for their project. The Get Fast Solutions consultant will review the homeowner's  plans and help identify potential obstacles and provide solutions to overcome them. We will also provide  suggestions on materials and techniques to use, as well as offer advice on how to stay within a budget.

Design and Planning

Get Fast Solutions consulting can assist DIY-ers in creating a detailed plan for their project. They can provide guidance  on design choices, material selections, and budgeting, and help the homeowner create a realistic timeline for the  project. Additionally, the consultant can offer suggestions on how to tackle various aspects of the project and  provide information on necessary permits and regulations that may apply.


Project Management

Once the project is underway, a Get Fast Solutions consultant can offer value by providing project management  services. This includes monitoring the progress of the project, ensuring that everything stays on schedule and  within budget. They can also coordinate with subcontractors or other professionals as needed, and handle any  unforeseen issues that may arise during the project.

Quality Control

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a Get Fast Solutions consulting is that we can ensure the quality of the  work performed. A consultant can provide oversight throughout the project to ensure that all work is completed to  industry standards and that the finished product meets the homeowner's expectations. This includes inspecting  work done by subcontractors, verifying that materials are installed correctly, and making sure that all work complies  with local building codes.



In summary, Get Fast Solutions consulting can offer significant value to DIY-ers throughout the entire process of a  home renovation or improvement project. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, Get Fast Solution  consultant can provide guidance, expertise, and project management services to ensure that the project is  completed to a high standard. Additionally, a consultant can help DIY-ers save money and avoid costly mistakes by  providing insight into materials, design choices, and budgeting. Ultimately, working with Get Fast Solutions consulting  can give homeowners the confidence they need to tackle even the most challenging home improvement projects  on their own.

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