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We’re Your One Stop Shop 

Your go-to destination for all home repairs, big or small! Need expert DIY advice for sprucing up your space? We've got you covered. Plus, we buy homes as-is for cash. Let's make your home dreams come true!

get fast solutions

The story

30+ years ago, a very hard-working entrepreneur named Dan had a vision to make wise investments in real estate and improve homes. He had a background in construction and a passion for problem-solving, so he decided to start his own business. Dan’s business started small, with just a few small construction projects and real estate investments. But his hard work and dedication paid off, and word quickly spread about his high-quality work and expert advice.

As his business grew, Dan realized that many of his clients were interested in doing some of their own home improvement projects. They needed help with strategy, planning, product choices, and execution. So, he expanded his business to include consulting services, offering his expertise and experience to help them achieve their DIY goals.

Today, Dan’s business is thriving, with a reputation for delivering results and making a positive impact in the lives of its clients. And as he looks back on the journey that led him here, Dan is proud of what he has accomplished and grateful for the opportunities that allowed him to follow his passion and make a difference.

Our Services


You can trust us to handle all your handyman needs.

From fixing a leaky faucet to remodeling a bathroom or kitchen it is our commitment to quality.


Consulting our clients to solve their biggest challenges and achieve their most ambitious DIY home repair goals. We’ll provide a full action plan on how to start and complete your project.

Buy home with cash

We buy homes with cash there are no hidden fees or agent commissions, and you’ll have the confidence that you’re selling quickly, as-is, and without needing to make repairs or upgrades to your home. Get a free, no-obligation offer in 48 hours.

get fast solutions


Over the past few years I’ve trusted Dan working on projects on few of the homes I’ve lived in. He’s very professional , meticulous making sure the project is done correct. I trust his advise and suggestions he may have. He gives me contracts and how much the cost will be. He’s an honest contractor. I’m very grateful to know Dan.

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